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Sail Boat Tour

Arenzano Arenzano
Duration: 1.00 Days
Scale: 2 - 6 people
From: Arenzano
Tour size: 6
To: Arenzano
Languages: English, Italian
Transportations: Boat
Sail Boat Tour

The boat is 41 feet, delivered November 2015. 3 double cabins, 2 bathrooms, fridge, freezer, barbecue, microwave, dinghy.

It is possible to make outings with or without hostess, with the possibility of lunches on board.

Daily exit: € 90 per person, minimum two, maximum 6 people.
In case of rental for the whole day for € 500 with the possibility to bring 5 friends
The daily cost includes a meal on board with fuel

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Important information
  • The daily cost includes a meal on board with fuel
  • Tour with or without hostess
  • Possibility of meal on board


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