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Pirlo Dolci e biscotti

Arenzano Arenzano
Duration: 1.00 Hours
Scale: 1 - 50 people
From: Arenzano
Tour size: 10
To: Arenzano
Languages: English, Italian
Transportations: Others
Dolci caratteristici del territorio

The story of "PIRLO sweets and biscuits" was born in September 2012, when Sergio took over the machinery of an old Genoese outback oven, famous for the production of the best canestrelli in circulation.
The passion for desserts, helped and directed by the advice of the old pastry chef, have made the precious Genoese canestrello continue its centuries-old existence to reach the table of gourmets.
The ingredients are simple, wholesome and above all fresh, just so you can get a really special pastry ... that melts in your mouth.

The "PIRLO sweets and biscuits" over time has added to the canestrello other delicacies, characterized by the constant search for perfection.
In our laboratory we do not use dyes, preservatives or other additives ... The ingredients are natural, we use the same raw materials that used our grandmothers at home.
Genovese high and low Pandolce, doves, olive groves, chocolate chip cookies, krumì and other goodies up to the "Pirlotti", made with soft almond paste.

We do not know what the future holds, but it will certainly be full of new goodies!
"PIRLO sweets and biscuits" made with the heart ... they eat with their eyes!



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