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M.C. Tennis Team

Arenzano Arenzano
Duration: 1.00 Hours
Scale: 1 - 10 people
From: Arenzano
Tour size: 10
Languages: English, Italian
M.C. Tennis Team

The M.C. school Tennis Team organizes collective courses and private lessons for adults and children for the whole year, starting from the age of 5.
The courses offered are, minitennis, start-up, improvement, specialization and agonists.

During the summer from June to August, SUMMER SPORT is organized for children aged 5 to 14, where students during the week, besides playing tennis, will be able to expand their motor skills with football, golf, fencing and judo.

The M.C. school Tennis Team makes use of a sta ff directed by the National Master Marco Crifasi assisted by Instructors and preparatory athletes all graduated from the National Masters School of the Italian Tennis Federation.

All staff technicians are updated according to the latest learning guidelines and techniques.

The activities take place in the three clay courts (two covered) and in the grass field or in the nearby gym for athletic training.


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