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   Arenzano Turismo - Portale Eventi Comune di Arenzano

LomacRent by Orlando Motors S.r.l.

Arenzano Arenzano
Duration: 2.00 Hours
Scale: 1 - 10 people
From: Arenzano
Tour size: 10
To: Arenzano
Languages: English, Italian
Transportations: Boat Others
LomacRent by Orlando Motors S.r.l.

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LomacRent is a R.I.B. rental service, to enjoy a few hours at sea escaping the crowds on the beaches.

For sea lovers we have four rubber dinghies for Rent WITHOUT LICENSE, of different sizes and super-equipped, to reach the renowned locations of San Fruttuoso, Portofino, Bergeggi and Varigotti, or go in search of a close encounter with the dolphins - we are in the middle of the Cetacean Sanctuary of the Mediterranean Sea!

Fishermen may choose the brand new 600 BIG GAME, a boat designed specifically for fishing, with eco-sounder and GPS, T-Top with rod-holders, live fish tank, hydraulic steering and a large stern area. Fun is guaranteed!

In addition, for luxury and speed seekers there's the ADRENALINA 9.0, a super-equipped and thrilling-superfast rubber boat, capable of exceeding 56Kn without shaking the Champagne bottles, always ready in the fridge for your wonderful aperitifs at sunset!

Scroll through the Photogallery for all the information on our Boats, including the price list.

We are waiting for you in Lungomare Stati Uniti 20, at the Port of Arenzano.
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